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 Miller, Graham D., Archimedes | 39 | Sword in the Stone
Graham Miller
 Posted: Dec 4 2014, 11:56 PM
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People sometimes see what they want to see because... well the truth is too painful to admit even to yourself.
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AUGUST 17, 1975

"Now, boy, flying is not merely some crude, mechanical process. It is a delicate art. Purely aesthetic. Poetry of motion. And the best way to learn it is to do it. "
Graham had never been a normal child. He was very intelligent and more of an outcast in any of his social groups. His mother called him, special and gifted. Those words usually just meant he was alone... He was part genius but mostly he had a eidetic memory so everything he saw he could remember. He stored the information inside his head by category and even his own father thought he was strange. His father was barely around anyway, being a Marine he was away from his father a lot. Specifically his father was a medical Marine so they needed him more overseas. It while was his father was across the pond that his mother got sick. She had escaped into her mind to hide from the fact that she was diagnosed with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. While Graham was a brilliant at most things, this baffled him when it was first explained to him. At the age of eleven he had to make meals for his mother, help her wash, and as it began to get worse change her. He became more socially withdrawn, doing his studies and ready the content of his books out loud so his mother would have something to do. Even when he wasn't doing his schoolwork, he would read some of her favorite books to her in an attempt to make her happy and comfortable. His reading caused a good response that the therapist had recommended he keep at it in order to bring her back into realty.

Wanting to understand exactly what was going on, and feeling more than a little helpless, he picked up books on psychology and began to read those. It was a completely fascinating subject with so much to learn about. He began to learn more and more, switching from his books on psychology to poems and history then back to psychology to restart the cycle. It was when he was fourteen that his mother finally passes away in her sleep and Graham wasn't really sure what to do next. His father came home just in time for the funeral that Graham had helped plan and it tore him to pieces to see the woman that he had nurtured and loved so much... was laid to rest. He didn't talk, even in classes unless he had to, for weeks. He didn't like the end of his mother's story, how he had been powerless to stop it. He had felt absolutely useless trying to help his mother be better but instead he watched her deteriorate right in front of him. She had been withdrawn except with him and refused to go into a hospital. She had always hated hospitals... When he finally graduated high school at the age of fifteen, he got scholarships from several different universities due to his high grades. After a lot of thought into what he wanted to do, he decided Keiser University in Florida would do the trick.

Even as he was unpacking, the entire environment was different than that of Waltima. Everyone was more... carefree and reckless. You weren't expected to know everyone and everyone didn't want to know you. Here no one knew about his mother and would offer his condolences. Here he was just Graham Miller the boy who had entered college. He didn't know how to interact with the girls that seems to be everywhere. He was still going through puberty and watched as they laughed before their hands as he walked by with his pimply face. He had never even went to a party while he was there, until there became a series of disappearances from each of the parties. A month later they would appear face up in swimming pools, not drown but hung with deep lacerations in their skin around their neck. Their arms were crossed as if they were resting in the pool, but their pale skin and pale lips belied any sense of life. Graham took a certain interest in the case and followed it carefully, keeping clippings of each reporting and watching the news reports. He didn't watch television often except for the news anyway. It was all just a distraction from what was really important. He heard of some people that were called in called 'Profilers' who would try to understand how the 'unsub' thought and the reasons they did what they did. Once the case was solved, Graham added a new class the next semester, Criminal Psychology.

Graham eventually got an internship as a teacher's aid, preparing notes for classes and even running errands for the professors there. He had an in depth look at the operations of the teachers and how the school system operated. He paid attention to everything and in a moments notice could imitate exactly how someone had responded in the class just last week. His professors had wanted him to interact more with the other students, but every time he tried he seemed to fail in all his attempts of trying to interact with his peers. He would start spouting facts of what they had been talking about until they just laughed and walked off, leaving him kicking a rock and turning around to slump behind some corner so they couldn't see him anymore.

After graduating college with a PhD in Psychology he went back for Chemistry and Mathematics. It was while he was debating what to do with these degrees when he got a letter that must have gotten lost in the post office for some time. His father was getting remarried and had invited him to the ceremony. Him and his father hadn't talked on the phone much and Graham finally realized that he had never given his father his number in order to initiate contact if anything good or bad happened. After finishing his last final, he packed up his things and took a trip back to Waltima. He had originally booked a his stay at the bed and breakfast, but his father insisted that he stay with him and his new wife instead. In the years that Graham had missed, he now had a new half sister. Back in Waltima, Graham felt more at home than he had over in Florida and after spending a week there he had decided to move home.

Once he had moved back home, Graham was faced with the decision of finding a place to work. He started with little things Banking and even a Librarian because of his love for books but he wasn't happy there. He would see time and time again people making the wrong decision and instead of doing his duties he would watch those around the building day after day and try to figure out why they did what they did and what to expect when they next came in. He could tell when there was an impending break up and would give that person a soft pat on the shoulder or when trying to break up a fight he would describe why they felt what they felt with their adrenaline pumping and honestly he wasn't that big of a guy to hold people apart. There was one time he ended up being beat up instead and that's when he quit his position at the Library. It was soon after that he was invited to join the faculty of Waltima University. He would open up a new class, Criminal Psychology so that people would became more aware of the dangers around them. There had been a rash of murders just along the coast of Lousianna and in the bayous and the locals had been worried. By the time he started his first class, he had a full house. Educating his students young and old... it felt good and right. He was able to help people understand the darkest and deepest part of the mind that good people push down and try to reject, as they should. That dark part of their mind where... just for a second... they wish someone a truly horific death.
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 Posted: Dec 5 2014, 03:35 AM
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