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 The Rules and Regulations
Once Upon A Dream
 Posted: Feb 21 2013, 12:45 PM
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#001. respect!

respect your staff, and your fellow members. we're serious when we say that disrespect, or bullying or any kind will not be tolerated. we don't want any out of character drama here, so don't create it. In character drama is encouraged. if you fail to do this, you can be certain that there will be consequences, be it a warning, or you being banned. do not take this lightly, because we certainly don't.

#002. don't steal!

it's just common sense. don't steal graphics - don't steal posts - don't steal applications. if you do, and claim it as your own, you will be sent a warning, and then banned, because we won't have any of that. if you do use someone elses graphics, then you must credit it. if you think that any of our members have stolen your work, then shoot any of the staff a pm and we'll try our best to sort it out for you!

#003. rated mature!

we're not a porn site, but we're mature, so you can expect to see mature content on here. however! out of respect of the members, if you wish to create a sex thread, or anything or that sort, please make a note in the description, so we can be prepared! but at the same time, don't go too far. we don't want to get in trouble for having anything inappropriate on here now, do we? if any of the staff think you've gone too far, you can expect a short pm in your direction as a warning. if it continues, further action will be taken.

#004. characters!

we don't have a character limit, but we ask that you be sensible! if you want to create ten characters, fine, just make sure that you can keep them all active. Active is considered at least one post per character per month AT LEAST. it's a matter of knowing how much you can handle, so please keep that in mind. we don't want a million inactive characters running around - it just doesn't look good, you know?

#005. word count!

we have a word count of 250. while we understand everyone can have off days, please try and stick to it. also remember it's quality not quantity but 250 really it's that much. if you don't think you can, then maybe this site isn't for you. we're not going to go around policing this, but if you are consistently below, then we're going to do something about it.

#006. graphics!

our rule for graphics is simple: don't let them stretch the page. if they do - an admin will remove them, because it doesn't look nice. also, keep them appropriate. if you're on this site, you should be mature enough to work this one out. When it comes to avatars, to keep the site at the correct size please make your avatar 250x350. The gif size in the profile is 170x100 so you can find an appropriate gif. I am sure there is a member who can help resize your gif if you are having trouble to save you the trouble. Anything else is really up to you.

#007. register!

when you register, we ask that you register with your name in the following format: FIRST LAST all in caps. if you forget, it's not a worry - just send a pm to an admin and we'll gladly fix it for you. it's just a lot easier on us if you register like this in the first place, to save us some work.

#008. have fun!

this is perhaps the most important rule of all! we're here to roleplay, and to have fun - that's what it's all about! get to know your fellow roleplayers, because we're a friendly bunch. it's so awesome to have you here at WALTIMA ISLAND! <3

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