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 Harrows, Maegan T., Megara | 28 | Hercules
 Posted: Nov 9 2014, 01:08 AM
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Perhaps if I wrote it down would it be easier for you to understand?
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Maegan T. Harrows
August 27, 1988
Hafia Wehbe

"You can't fool me, standing there with those puppy dog eyes. You're heart is dead and cold."
The Harrows had never made too many wise decisions. Her father was a big family man without the funds to keep his family afloat. He had opened a loan in order to start his business but it hadn't been nearly as successful as he originally thought it would be. For all of Maegan's life she remembers people banging on the door asking for money that they didn't have. It's one of the few memories she has before she turned seven and her parents... disappeared. The scared little supposed orphan was shipped to an orphanage and the loan sharks took over the business and it's profits as collateral.

Maegan worked hard as school and treasured what she did have of her parents. She had some pictures, a quilt her mother had made for her, and her father's pocket watch. It was as precious as a diamond to her and she usually hid these under floorboards under her bed. She quickly learned to be tough, being pushed around and talked down to by the other children. Pretending none of it mattered became second nature, until it came to her dreams. One could never hide from anything for long and their mocking faces had visited her dreams too many times that she would care to mention. She was feisty and somewhat violent at times when she felt pressured into something. She was once corralled into a dark closet and then locked in there for hours. She had imagined days passing by as she sat there banging on the closet door begging to come out. When they finally found her eight hours later she was curled up in a corner with a blank stare on her face just pounding the door rhythmically.

High school was a little better for Maegan. She had decent grades and did her best not to let anyone push her around. She went to the typical public school so it had been slightly disgusting. She kept to those like her mostly, never going out of her way to mingle with the other groups. She had a goal in mind. Work until she could buy her father's place, which was still named Harrow's Corner, then she wasn't quite sure. Just being able to perhaps reach that part of her goal might seem like a odd dream to others, but she still carries her father's pocket watch. Anytime she is nervous, she reaching into her pocket and will thumb the design engraved into the family heirloom. At least she was told it was a family heirloom but she wasn't entirely sure.

Meg later went to the local university under a couple scholarships, but there were still several things that went unpaid. She worked what jobs she that would incorporate her schedule that would actually keep her after a few weeks. She wasn't exactly an expert at customer service, instead letting people know exactly what is on her mind when they are rude to her. These years were the bane of her existence. The little to no sleep and studies as she tried to complete the business curriculum.

It had been rather surprising when Meg had been applying for jobs at some of the responses she had received back. There had only been one that seemed to consider her, and that was the last one she had expected or wanted. Wonderland, the kink club. She was going to be not only a dancer there, but also a manager in charge of the dancers. It was surprising to say the least, and when she started work she found she had a lot to learn about this particular industry. After a while though, she actually started to enjoy it.

It was here she met the guy she thought would bring all her dreams to life. He seemed so perfect, strong, stable, and reliable. That vision crumbled the day she told him that she was pregnant. Their engagement was broken off and he said he had been seeing someone else. It was a few hours later before she could think properly again, but she decided she would keep her son. She was going to be the best mother that ever was, and her son was the only man she could trust...
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 Posted: Nov 11 2014, 03:09 AM
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