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 Kennedy, Abraham N., Absolem | 24 | Alice In Wonderland
Abraham Kennedy
 Posted: Nov 8 2014, 10:45 PM
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Wonderland Heir
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Abraham N. Kennedy
January 1st, 1989
Heir To Wonderland
Alice In Wonderland
Marlon Teixeira

"If you think you know who you are, you might want to check again just to be sure. You are not you....yet."
The Kennedy family never started out in their main sort of business. They were respectable, honorable, and always threw good parties back in the day. That was before they started to dabble. A scientist was born in the family. Someone who would without a doubt bring most of the technology to Waltima. Of course, technology was more of his side hobby. His real passion was something entirely more… herbal. He fell in love with a wicken, someone who knew the herbs and how to use them. A witch with no magic power, yet still found her ways to get what she wanted.

From her he was able to make a creation so brilliant his entire family would keep it close. A concoction of herbs nearly undetectable, yet giving you freedom. Freedom out of your mind and wisdom. A thousand years of wisdom that was hidden inside your mind. When inhaled, you are free to roam inside your own self. Discover things you never knew about yourself. It was a miracle, only most people didn’t like it. They had to make it in secret. They tried several places of hiding it, and their creation. After a few generations, passing the secret on from person to person until they found the best hiding place for it that people wouldn’t suspect. A… getaway of sorts for those who had a rough life at home, a place where no one would suspect you coming home a little off your rocker. Wonderland was a club with a secret background kink area.

Wonderland has found residence in Edgewood, even if it’s in the far corners. The fumes from making the concoction linger in the air of the place, filling those who entire with a sort of ecstasy that isn’t just from the dancers parading about. Of course, what lovely creations they are. While there is a training course before you start to work there, they encourage originality and being yourself when you dance. People want to keep their fantasy alive.

This is where Abraham come into play. He was born in that world of privilege and in the fumes of the concoction, for they never did make a name for it. Wiggling and not really screaming, he made a small squeaks as he tried to move about. As a child he’d go about, thumb in mouth, and pulling on pants or skirts in order to get people’s attention. He preferred female’s company to men’s, but there are some truly awful women out there.

As he grew up, he took a liking to the business of both trade and entertainment. He had an eye for knowing what kind of person he was dealing with and what they could become. If it was just the concoction or a family trait, he wasn’t sure. He didn’t really mind it either. Of course, that didn’t even start on his mental issues. His main crisis having been his affair with another man.

It hadn’t started as anything, just friends hanging out. They would go around the behind the scenes of Wonderland, go out drinking or to the movies. It wasn’t until they were friends for a few years and on a very drunk night that his friend kissed him. He had thought it was a joke, so he kissed him back. It hadn’t been so bad, and at the time he’d refused to admit that he even liked it. The night went on and things started to get more... intimate. It was just brushes of hands or they stand very close. By the end of the night he didn’t remember anything that happened after given a new creation of Tabby’s. He had woken up naked in bed with someone who he had thought was his best mate.

The next few days were awkward. They were still going to college with each other, but neither would talk to the other. Days turned into weeks and they were paired together for their last project of their college life. The one project that would determine if they passed or not. The air was thick among them, and Abe never speaks on how they turned from awkwardness to secret gay lovers. It would have been easier to just faced it, but if Abe faced his friend how would things turn out? If Abe did let his family know about his... diversity how would his father take it? Considering he fired the gay bartender when he finally came out and cursed him out of the building... not well. Poor guy had been cute too.
It went on like that for several months that nearly overlapped to a year. His friend wanted to come out of the closet, but Abe refused. He wasn’t sure what his father would think of him. Would he even talk to him? Would he give the company to someone else? Abe might be disowned and turned out into the streets. How could he live like that? He never told his lover these fears, but when he came out Abe made sure to stay in the shadows. Their affair having been broken off by Abe’s cowardness.

Of course that wasn’t to say that Abe didn’t like girls at all. In fact, in order to try to keep his son ‘on the right path’, Abraham was given responsibilities in Wonderland. He was to run, account for costs of everything, and make sure their events went through without a hitch. At the age of twenty five, he is a full manager that plays his employees like little puppets in his tailored blue three piece suit.
Once Upon A Dream
 Posted: Nov 11 2014, 03:09 AM
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