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 Jamison, Judd D., Jacques | 27 | Cinderella
 Posted: Nov 11 2014, 09:45 PM
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FBI Agent
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Judd "JJ" Jamison
April 16, 1982
Federal Agent
Side Kicks
Michael Raymond-James

"That's him. Meany, sneaky. Jump at you. Bite at you! -Jaq "
Judd grew up in a foster home that took in all sorts of children. From young to teens they were brought into the home and looked down upon. If you were to ask any of the children, they felt little more than rats. Judd was far more adventurous than most of their group, going out and finding food to bring back to those who had barely gotten any food at the meals. He stepped up and was sort of a leader among them, guiding them to schedules on when to be in bed by so the big scary lady didn't come up and start yelling at them to go to bed. Then there was that cat, that stupid annoying cat that followed the mean lady everywhere that every child hated. That cat would destroy their belongings, do his business on their beds, and even when they tried to get back at the cat they were all punished because 'he was just a poor innocent creature'. That cat, whom everyone had a different name for him, was the essence of pure evil. He called him Loki, evil god of tricks.

It was still just a day in New Orleans, and him sneaking out to get the things the kids needed. There was one child who was deathly ill, but apparently the medicine cost too much. It was Judd who went out there and found the medicine, if not illegally but it saved the boy. That boy turned out to be his best friend and he didn't regret it once. He had come in with knowledge of his family, an Federal Agent family. That was where he was heading and it inspired Judd. That is where he was going too. Up higher and higher away from the dump he called home. He had almost turned to a life of crime if it hadn't been for his best friend.

It was hard getting his grades back up, in fact he had to go in for tutoring in order to barely make the mark. However it wasn't his academic knowledge that opened the door to his profession. It was results that he found to bring. not that he told his secret. It was something a little more primitive and something he was told not to let anyone know by his supervisor. It was this that got him transferred to the new branch they were opening on Waltima Island to investigate both the island and New Orleans.
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 Posted: Dec 10 2014, 08:48 PM
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